Ruthann McKenzie Business website url:  www.justbeconfident.com Business name: Just Be Confident Overview of your business My business provides clients with coaching to empower and transform their lives to greater confidence. Just Be Confident tees are also available for the overcoming woman. Part of the profits made from the shirts are […]

WEiP – Ruthann McKenzie

Women Entrepreneurs in Profile Your name: Carol Pilkington Business website: http://www.carolpilkington.com Business name: Carol Pilkington Overview of your business: I work with adults 40 and above who have achieved a certain level of career success but still feel unsatisfied. They sense they are here to make a difference but are […]

WEiP – Carol Pilkington

Welcome to 2015! I’m excited to be writing my first blog of the year. I don’t know about you, but I’m filled with a new (or should I say clarified) vision for my business and so many new ideas. The challenge with all this newness is that it can also […]

New Year + New Vision + New Ideas = Overwhelm