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Transformation Strategic Process

This is new paradigm thinking in which to solve new paradigm problems.

You’ve been doing the same thing year after year and you’re getting the same results, good results just not the exceptional results you want. You know you need something different, but what? How do you do planning different?  How do you create a success full change?

This is where Jane comes in, she has spent years developing a new way to transform. Using quantum physic principals, universal truths along with her business acumen she will support you through your transformation.

If you are open to a new way, a way that will bring alignment to your team, clarity to your business and success it’s time to call Jane and see how she can help you create the transformation you’re looking for.

Transformation is a process not an event.

Signs that your organization is ready to transform.

  • Aware of the cultural and societal changes
  • Questioning how we can create a more engaging, productive workplace
  • Wondering what’s next
  • Dissatisfaction with the status quo

Signs that an organization is in need of transformation.

  • Loss of market share
  • Increase in competition
  • Decrease in customer satisfaction
  • Increase in employee dissatisfaction
  • New technology
  • Changes in social and cultural norms

This work is an expansion of my current Strategic Planning Process and incorporates new and emerging processes that are designed to create personal internal transformation while creating organizational transformation.

Sage Discernment: Diving deep within for the answers

Sage Discernment is a unique process that takes you deep within to access your inner guidance.  You’ll use your intuition to powerfully co-create the question and vision along with the beginning action steps to take.  Leave with a Clear Vision and your Next Steps. This process works equally well for individuals or groups.

For Individuals

A one-on-one process in which you are guided through a series of 12 questions that help you go within and hear your inner guidance.  Individual Sage Discernments are scheduled for 90 minutes.  You also have the option of adding additional sessions to complete the planning and follow up to ensure that the plan put into action.

For Teams or Groups

The team/group process is unique in that it enables the team to access the group mind and come to a collective answer to the problem.  This process is different from most problem solving models in that it does not involve a majority decision, compromise or convincing.  When the group’s intention is to be willing to the process then an answer or decision arises that everyone is in alignment with.  Group Sage Discernments are scheduled for 4 hours, along with 3 or 4 accountability follow calls.  This ensures that there is time for everyone to feel heard and the group’s consciousness to arise.

Sage Discernment are unique in that they support the team in making a decision even when it seems like individuals are not in agreement.


Workshops and Programs

Fear is Not a Four Letter Word Workshop

A workshop created around my book Put Your Big Girl Panties On and Kick Your Fears in the Ass.  With the book as a starting place we discuss the blocks and fears that are holding us back while using journaling and drawing to acknowledge and “Kick our Fears.” This is normally a two-three hour workshop.

The Whole You Goal Setting Workshop

A goal setting workshop that incorporates your dreams, your life and your senses in creating your goals for the year and more.  You will leave with goals, action steps and everything calendarized, providing you with the plan to move your goals from wishes to done!  This workshop is most effective when paired with on going coaching.

Vision and Mission Mapping

Based on Seen and Sustained: Best Practices in Communication that Increase the Visibility of Small and Diverse Businesses in this program we walk through creating or revamping your Vision and Mission statements and ensure that your passion shines through and that your outcomes are in alignment.  Typically three or four private sessions.  As the visionary you are free to include one or two members of your senior staff or your partners if would like.


Do you need something more?  Email me and let’s set up a complementary 15-minute call to see what you need and determine whether a 90-minute planning session is the next step for you.

Clarity, Focus, and Release ModelTM

  • The Clarity, Focus, and Release ModelTM  supports all the work I do with and for my clients.  It’s a model built from my intrinsic philosophy of empowering every corporate leader and employee through clarity of vision, mission and purpose.
    • Step One:  Clarity
      • Define and refine what you want to accomplish, create, or build.
      • This step encompasses your true vision and mission, core values, outcomes, ultimate goals, and the culture you wish to create.
      • Create with intentionality and to share, with ease, where you are going and what’s important to you, your employees and your organization direction.
    • Step Two:  Focus
      • Identify where attention, time and money will be allocated.
      • Create a strategic plan and define goals based on the clarity of vision, mission, and desired outcomes.
      • Validate activities and tasks that will help to accomplish your goals that relate to your vision/mission and support your corporate culture.
    • Step Three:  Release
      • Learn to let go of any activities that don’t support forward momentum towards the corporate vision and mission.
      • Delegate activities and tasks to others who are more equipped and capable of implementing and executing with precision and passion.
      • Exercise transparency in sharing ideas and thoughts. Encourage open sharing and conversation throughout the organization.


    • Put Your Big Girl Panties On and Kick Your Fears in the Ass available HERE and on Amazon Kindle.
    • Seen and Sustained: Best Practices in Communication that Increase the Visibility of Small and Diverse Businesses. To order go to Amazon.


After spending just one morning working with Jane Lovas’ Sage Discernment process, I gained a remarkable clarity and confidence about my business goals and how to reach them. Unlike a linear planning process or chaotic brainstorming, this unique method walks you through your strengths and challenges in a way that brings you to honest assessment and grounded but enthusiastic optimism.

Highly recommended for entrepreneurs and diverse teams.

Patrise Henkel

Clearwell Co.

Communications Coaching & Consulting


Sage Discernment is a gift I gave myself!  To attend Sage Discernment was to enter a safe container, to risk and share our self-exploration, to dig deep, to get to the buried treasure!  It was in such an atmosphere that I was able to reach an important discovery; I am not simply “moving,” I am creating the foundation for the next phase of my work.  Thank you to Jane for well directed questions and your Leadership as well as to each inspiring participant!  Look forward to the transformational journey that I am embarking on!

Dianne Duncan Perrote

Goddess Works Media Goup, LLC


Wow. Discernment is a very powerful exercise for both individuals and teams to define a true direction, goals and bring absolute focus to any project.    If you are stuck, confused, bored and just not fulfilled, Discernment will show you the way to supercharge your personal life, your business life and your team.

I can’t wait to develop all of the ideas that emerged today and see where it takes me!

Thank you!

Kristi Otto
Guardit Technologies, LLC


I had no idea what to expect when Jane recommended her Discernment process as a means to help me find inspiration and solutions to areas where I felt stumped. Because I’ve learned to trust Jane, I agreed to set aside time for this curious service of hers.

Jane did all the work while I answered a series of questions designed to help me remove anything that was blocking me seeing new possibilities. Her ability to guide without disrupting the process was instrumental in allowing my own answers to come through.  It worked!  My creative solutions surfaced!  As a result, I felt energetic and anxious to move toward the opportunities she helped stir up in me.  A new go-to resource next time I get stuck.

Darcie Davis

The Game Gal