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JaneMeet Jane Lovas, consultant, thought leader, author, and speaker. She’ll share with your audience how to make the transformation that is required to be a success.

The Art of Transformation

The world is in a state of flux and the organization that successfully transforms is the organization that is going to grow and prosper in the coming future. We all know that transformation is hard, the question is: “Are you willing to take the risks, fall, getup, fall, try, again and again?” Or are you going to be left in the dust. Just take a look at the statics, 80% of change initiatives, software projects, mergers and acquisitions fail. What are you going to do to different in order to beat the odds and transform your organization or industry?

It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in, transformation is the secret to your success.

If you’re ready to transform your organization you’ll want to hear Jane share her stories on transformation and learn how to create a successful transformation.

What you’ll learn

  • Why you need to transform your organization
  • The importance of building a transformational culture
  • Why transformation is so challenging
  • The secrets to a successful transformation


Email Jane at jlovas @ lovasconsulting.com or call her at 703.981.3157 and find out how she can help you create the big impact you want at your next event.


Listen to a short clip of Jane’s speech The Art of Transformation

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Where has Jane spoken:

Booz Allen Hamilton, WCOE (Women Construction Owners and Executives) Conference, Executive Women’s Roundtable, WIT (Women in Technology), Reston Leadership, Lean In – Lean Back:  Do I Have To Choose?, Women Talk Live – Radio in Baltimore Md, Rotary International, NoVa Women’s Network, PMI Washington DC, Heels & Helmets Ladies Training Camp, Stratford University, YPLG (Young Professional Leadership Group), Arbonne Directors Meeting, SWaMFest


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Email Jane at jlovas@lovasconsulting.com and find out how she can support your organization.

Hear what others have to say about Jane …..

Jane had the audience engaged from start to finish. I didn’t realize that I had a fear lurking that was preventing me from moving in the direction I needed to steer. Her 4 step process allowed me to visualize and then minimize my fear and move on. I bought a copy of her book and my daughter and I are working on it together – thank you Jane!

– Listener


Jane is a dynamic speaker; she has spoken for this group a number of times.  Her topics are always relevant, thought provoking and delivered with stories and humor.  She is GREAT at reading the room and so comfortable with going with the flow. If you need a speaker make it easy on yourself and hire Jane.

– Ardell Fleeson, CBRE
T 703 905 0393 | Ardell.Fleeson@cbre.com | www.cbre.com


I am always on the hunt for topical and engaging speakers.  Jane Lovas never disappoints!  Her presentations are invariably informative and entertaining and inform and energize the audience.   On a personal level, Jane is always professional, prompt and easy to deal with-I encourage you to book her for a speaking engagement.

– Claire Ward


Excellent presentation.  Jane captured everyone’s attention with relatable stories.

– Juliana Zoto