That depends, how free does your organization need to be and how much does it need to allow itself the freedom to move towards your vision.  Doesn’t the answer “that depends” just drive you crazy? I know you’re asking a question because you want someone to tell you what to […]

How Much Structure Do I Need?

It’s Tuesday morning and you’re reading my blog article just like you do every Tuesday morning.  As you read this morning’s blog post I’d like you to reflect on how unique you are and how no one can do what you’re doing the way that you’re doing it. While we […]

Do You Know How Unique You Really Are?

Is this true for your leadership team?  Do you really work well together or are you just faking it?  What happens when you leave your meetings?  It’s what happens after the meeting that can be a strong indicator of how well your team works together. I’ve led teams that worked […]

Our Leadership Team Works Well Together

So often we do everything we can to avoid conflict because it makes us uncomfortable.  Yet, when we’re not willing to get a little uncomfortable we often don’t know what’s important to us.  Sometimes it’s important to take a stand so that we see how important something is to us […]

A Little Conflict Never Hurt Anyone