Having a clear vision is the key to everything.  It’s what connects you to your why, why is this important, it allows your clients to connect to it and creates the desire, the need to work with you because they connect to your vision.

Vision Plan Action (VPA) Annual Planning


Why it’s hard to plan!

We’re into the New Year and I imagine like many Business Owners or CEOs you haven’t had a chance to create a powerful plan for 2018. A plan based on a Vision that inspires you and your team, your organization and your clients.

If you continue on this same path in December you’ll end up having “done what you’ve done;” while not feeling inspired or clear that you and your team really accomplished all that you’re capable of creating.

I imagine these are some of the challenges you’re facing.

  • Goals not transformation – You think you’ve set some transformational goals, and every year when you review what you’ve done, you’ve done fine but not with the energy and growth that you expected.
  • Task based focus – When you ask your employees what they see their role in the organization as, they can only answer based on the task at hand, not a bigger picture for the organization.
  • Resistance to change – You’ve implemented a new program or process that you expected would create some massive positive momentum, and you’re still where you were only with increased resistance to change.

What if instead you created a powerful VPA Annual Plan, one that’s based on your vision for an expansive, successful year? A vision so clear and powerful that it pulls you and your leadership team forward and when you share it with your organization they feel the energy and the possibility and are inspired to help you make it a reality.  It’s this inspiration and energy in your vision and plan that makes it so easy for you to create the most successful year you’ve ever had.

VPA Annual Planning Sessions (with Quarterly Planning Sessions) are unlike any other planning session you’ve ever done.  We’ll spend time getting in touch with your vision, what it means to you and the world, why it’s important and what it looks like actualized. We also create a picture of what type of leadership team and organization you need to be in order to have this vision become your reality. Then we can begin the work of describing what you need to do to get there.

When we’re done with your VPA Annual Planning Sessions you’ll have such a clear and compelling vision for the year that when you share it with your organization they will be pulled to it and inspired to create it with you. Each quarter you’ll create a new vision, which I assure you get’s easier and more fun every time you do it because you’ll begin to see so many possibilities as obtainable not as just pipe dreams. Then when you get to the end of the year you’ll be so amazed at how far you’ve come because you had such a clear path.

You’re organization will benefit in some of the following ways:

  • The energy and creativity in your organization will expand.
  • Clients will want to work with you because they know exactly who you are.
  • Your employees will be engaged and motivated in new ways.

This program is very unique because unlike typical planning sessions I will help you create a vision that is so real that there is no doubt you’ll realize it.

With that clarity, you’ll know who you have to be as an organization, and making those changes will be so natural, because you’ll know where you’re going.

Finally once you know what you’re creating and who you need to be to create it, the details will fall into place.

Vision Plan Action is the answer!


Vision Plan Action is a year long process.  Annual Planning along with first Quarter Planning is normally done as part of a Leadership retreat or a Planning retreat.  Up to 10 people included.

Each quarter we’ll meet to create your Quarterly Vision Plan Action. Between sessions we’ll have calls to ensure your going in the right direction.

This is a completely customizable program including workshops, training, coaching everything you need to bring your Vision to life.

Who is this for?


Vision Plan Action (VPA) Annual Planning (and quarterly planning) is intended for the CEO’s and their Leadership Team of Small to Midsize B2B companies.


What you get.


A vision so clear and powerful that it pulls you forward, and when you share it with the rest of your organization they are inspired to move forward with you.  It’s this inspiration and energy in your vision and plan that makes it so easy for you and your team to create the most successful year you’ve ever had.

Next Steps


If you’ve made it this far and you think you might be interested in this. I’d like to invite you to schedule a complementary Vision Action Plan Strategy Session. This is an easy way for you to gain additional clarity and determine if this is the right program for you.

In this session we’ll discuss what you want for your organization, what’s missing, challenges that your facing and how we might work together to create this new possibility. No matter what the outcome, you’ll leave with a new level of clarity about where you are and where you want to be.

This session will take about an hour, and can be done via phone or video call. Click here to book your Vision Action Plan Strategy Session.


By developing/allowing my vision first, in all the major areas of my life, not just business, I had a foundation from which to do the more practical stages of each area: intentions, broad themes, tasks. And it’s fun!!! I loved the work we did.  Terry, Author, Speaker